How to Uniformly Scale a UIView and All Subviews using Xcode — Even Text!

While further developing an iOS app, one of the issues I had was the fact that I needed a view containing several components to be scalable by the user. There are a few approaches. We all know about auto-layout, and the older springs and struts approach. But these will not always work, or may not be a good fit. This article is geared towards a scaling approach provided you know... View Article

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Knowing when a UIPageViewController has Changed View Controllers

This article covers how to give View Controllers managed by a Page View Controller the ability to know when they are being ‘left’ or ‘entered’ by the page controller. Protocol To start off I made PageVieWTransitionCallback.h to create a protocol: #import <Foundation/Foundation.h> Implement protocol as above in your view controllers With that done implement this within any view controllers that you will be using in the page view controller that... View Article

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How to use UIPageViewController to Page Through UIViewControllers

I had no trouble finding code elsewhere to use UIPageViewController’s however I found that there was little for paging through actual view controllers. On top of that, the examples that did exist had a lot of added on code instead of the barebones approach which I prefer. While not a tutorial this is more of a dump of my barebones controller some added description. This code uses iOS 8 however... View Article

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How to Safely Convert an NSString to a Number

A common issue: parsing user input that may need to be recognized as a number in code. This is done relatively easily using NSScanner and will not cause a crash should invalid data be entered, leaving a way to easily alert a user of the problem. By Example To understand how this works I’ve posted an example of how one would validate a GPS coordinate (comprises of two doubles, latitude and... View Article

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Fix: SharePoint Modal Dialog Loses Scroll Position (Scrolls to Top) when Resized

While working with SharePoint 2013’s modal dialog there were a few cases where the dialog lost its scroll bar position and jumped back to the top whenever a resize ocurred. For those who may have stumbled here looking for the resize code it begins as follows: If the user has scrolled down to activate a part of the form that may expand its always handy to try to get the... View Article

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SharePoint Search Display Templates: Linking to Display Form (Dispform) Rather than Document itself

Problem: You have a custom search display template however when a document library item shows up, which by default links directly to the document itself, you’d rather have a clickable link to the display properties form (dispform) or edit properties form (editform). This is troublesome because as far as I know search results do not provide any properties that link to the display form for the item. The Ideal Solution... View Article

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Powershell: Adding Forms Based Authentication (FBA) Users in Bulk Format To Sites

Adding users to SharePoint sites that are Active Directory users is a common task, however I couldn’t find much when I needed to get claims based FBA users added. I found out that the trick is to prefix users with the membership provider name. i.e. corporate/admin may become i:0#.f|myMembership|admin Putting Powershell to use I was able to loop through all site collections, add the user, then assign the user to... View Article

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Powershell: Reactivating feature Across All SharePoint Sites

This script may save the day if you have a feature that is activated across many site collections and there happens to be an update to the feature requiring re-activation to have updates occur. The below script will loop through all sites within a web application and will reactivate (feature must already be turned on) the feature with matching ID. Credit for feature activation check goes to Raevean Note: Code... View Article

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SharePoint 2013: Server Error in ‘/’ Application. Value does not fall within the expected range.

This is just a dump of some notes I took during a typical SharePoint escapade. In this situation I was deploying a web template or feature related to page layouts. If the below seems similar to your case, this may help. Errors Server Error in ‘/’ Application. Value does not fall within the expected range. Exception Details: System.ArgumentException: Value does not fall within the expected range. [ArgumentException: Value does not... View Article

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SharePoint 2013 Iterating Through WebParts On Separate Page

Some code I found from awhile back that may help others if they need to get the web part from a page that is not the current page. This will need to be adjusted however right now it shows how to open the Page in a way to get the web part manager, then test to see if a type of web part is part of the page, then updates... View Article

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