SharePoint Fix: The breakpoint will not currently be hit. No symbols have been loaded for this document.

Posted Sunday, 22 February, 2015 by Administrator in Microsoft, SharePoint

A frequent problem that occurs to me while developing within SharePoint is the fact that my debugger refuses to catch events, often indicated by empty circles on the breakpoints pane. Usually the cause is always different, so I’ve started logging fixes and have a checklist for quick reference if this occurs. The SharePoint Debugger Fix […]

Figuring Out Your Current TFSA Contribution Limit the Easy Way

Posted Sunday, 5 October, 2014 by Administrator in Uncategorized

I have had time to catch up with getting the most out of my savings, it had been over a year since I had touched my Tax Free Savings Account (TFSA). Thankfully I found a quick and easy way to find out your contribution limit from the beginning of the current year. To find out […]

Why SharePoint Thinks your WebPart Could Not be Found Or Not Registered as Safe

Posted Saturday, 27 September, 2014 by Administrator in Applications, Microsoft, SharePoint, Software

I have been getting back into SharePoint 2010/2013 development, and already I had flashbacks to when I had worked with 2003 and 2007 when I received errors about my ‘unsafe webpart’. This actually seemed to be a regular occurrence, particularly when changing namespaces or assembly details. I set out to get to the bottom of […]

Diagnosing iOS Deadlock with dispatch_once Command

Posted Thursday, 4 September, 2014 by Administrator in Uncategorized

Using dispatch_once is very handy at times, however there may be times where your program comes to a halt, and can point blame to a dispatch_once wrapper. The key here is using the stack trace if possible to look at the chain of events and tracing it to see why a resource might be locked. […]

Why your Xcode Cursor may not Show in Text Fields

Posted Thursday, 4 September, 2014 by Administrator in Uncategorized

If you are developing an iOS or OSX application and did some styling changes at some point, then realize that your cursor is not showing up in the app anymore the issue is most likely related to tint. Tint can be changed per object, or on the whole storyboard itself, and sets the cursor colour. […]

Resolving issues with gitignore after adding to Xcode project

Posted Thursday, 4 September, 2014 by Administrator in Uncategorized

Some tips that may help when working with a git enabled Xcode project where it always wants to ignore your gitignore file: Verify your .gitignore exists in the root git repository directory. This directory should be at the base of your project in most cases, and there should be an accompanying .git file. You can […]

Adding an Xcode Project to Git After Already Created and Configuring GitIgnore File

Posted Thursday, 4 September, 2014 by Administrator in Uncategorized

If you have worked on an existing Xcode project for some time and decide that you want to add a Git repository to better track your files, you will want to do the following steps: Start off by backing up the folder as a general safety precaution Now would be a good time to add […]

Xcode – Why your touch events aren’t being fired

Posted Thursday, 4 September, 2014 by Administrator in Xcode

You and I are in the same boat. We want to use one of the touch responder methods: touchesBegan:withEvent: touchesCancelled:withEvent: touchesEnded:withEvent: touchesMoved:withEvent: These may work fine, however if you decided to use a UITableViewController as your base, or and object with scrolling, these appear to swallow the event before it gets to you. This can […]

Solution to EZ-Flash Error “ROM file is not an EFI BIOS”

Posted Sunday, 18 August, 2013 by Administrator in Uncategorized

Quick post here, as there is a quick solution for most people having the error “ROM file is not an EFI BIOS”. I recently had this with my Asus motherboard. Even though I had double checked that I had downloaded the correct BIOS update from their support website, I received this error when I tried […]

Download Script: Elevate Batch Files to Run As Administrator on Windows 7 and Windows 8

Posted Saturday, 27 July, 2013 by Administrator in Microsoft, Scripting and Automation, Windows 7, Windows 8

As an avid user of Autoit for its sheer simplicity one of the things I most commonly do when I start using it for scripting is to have the script I am working on run under full permissions. Generally this is done because I use the tool for installing programs. If you are using batch […]

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