I'm sure most people working with Novell clients have needed this at least once. This tool greatly simplified setting up a desktop for multiple people or people that would normally not have a local account (such as guests that have Novell access). This tool alleviates the process of creating a new account, digging through the registry, and changing some Novell settings via the properties.

You can dig through Novell's AutoAdminLogin Guide or you can run this:

This tool has been tested on client 4.90 and 4.91, it should work on most newer versions as well. If not let me know and I can always throw in an update.

To add a shared login:

Enter in a username and password for the windows login to use. This does NOT have to exist, it will warn if an account does not exist, but it will give you the option to automatically create a new account. This new account is added as an administrator. The program will also disallow workstation only logins, unless you specify not to take that away in the checkbox provided. Lastly, its often wise to stop the user from changing both their Novell password and local workstation password (invalidating the autologin) so its nice to have the user account set so that the user cannot change the local password. Click the 'Set up local account' button to proceed, and look over the log it outputs for any major errors.

*This program disables log-out from the start menu and other areas via group polices. Windows will not re-autologin once logged out. Hence a restart or shutdown is needed.

To disable an existing shared login:

Simply click the button, it will remove the group policies and registry keys but leave the user intact. In this area it will show you the main registry keys controlling the autologin. Once again, review the log for any anomalies.

This program was built on Dot Net 2.0
If there is a problem running this program, ensure you have Microsoft .NET 2.0 installed. If there are security errors, try running from the local drive or a usb stick if you are attempting to run on a network share.

Novell Auto-Login Tool (Windows XP)

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