I built this tool to help ID devices after a Windows XP install and to share with coworkers. Its quite a pain to have to either open up a case to see whats exactly is inside when XP fails to even hint at what make it is. Often I find myself manually going through the device manager to find the Device and Vendor ID, then go online to see what matches.

PCIDatabase.com is a great website that allows you to ID certain missing components. However I wanted something a bit quicker. So I implemented their list into a tool that shows what device manager essentially shows and matches the device up with the list instantly. It also provides quick links for common vendors. Here’s a quick screen:

This was coded with speed/rushing in mind so don’t expect this to be bullet proof. Also if this ever gets a bit popular I’ll likely end up adding features and getting it bulletproof.

Mike Morawski’s Driver Detect (Download 1.0Mb)
Mike Morawski’s Driver Detect 1.02
(Download 1.0Mb)
Mike Morawski’s Driver Detect 1.03 (Download 1.0Mb)

Mike Morawski’s Driver Detect 1.04 (Download 1.2Mb | April 23 2013)

*Update (1.02): Tool now supports Windows 7 and should also support Vista. Fixed vendor link crashing. Also added in a ‘temporary update’ which downloads the latest definitions if the current ones don’t detect.

*Update(1.03): Temporary update was not firing properly in 1.02. This has been fixed. Additional prompt added to update.

*Update(1.04): Version 1.04 released! Added newer definitions and added extra code to find vendor if vendor and device are both not found.


  • i think we are use for accessory program whiching for suuporting the OS for free. thanks

  • Hello,

    This is a very useful piece of software, do you plan to update it, or maybe it does not need any changes? Works great and easy! You should put a PayPal Donate link 😉


  • Thanks! It’s a very rough program still, I find it crashes on certain desktops which I have not had time to troubleshoot. Thanks for the suggestion for donations but for now I am happy so long as I have people who find this stuff useful!

  • Sweet tool. Works as advertised and id’ed a video card that was causing all sorts of headaches during a Win 7 install.

  • Please if is possible, send me this software.