Currently I am using Microsoft Deployment Tools and dealing with Application deployment. It is quite a nuisance to simply copy a program to the local drive before installing. It’s actually more difficult than it sounds, as batch scripts do not like UNC paths and there is no easy path to work with if you are just running a task and not an OS install.

One thing to do is create a self extracting exe and run a script to perform everything locally from a known directory. Windows 7 and XP (and older versions) have a built in tool named iexpress. Quite a handy free tool. One problem. In Windows 7 when trying to run a script after the install it does this:

"Error creating process . Reason: The system cannot find the file specified."! That’s old school, and hence the problem. Windows 7 has only cmd, not command. So when you’re at the ‘Install Program to Launch’ screen and you simply put ‘install.bat’ it precedes it with ‘command /c’. Solution is to do it like this:

Update (12/10/2010): Small note, if your using this, you might prefer to move over to using Winrar from Grisoft which has a much better interface and capabilties for creating a SelF eXtracting (SFX) file!


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  • If you need to create a 32-bit compatible file on a 64-bit host OS, run “C:\Windows\SysWOW64\iexpress.exe” which will create a x86 executable, instead of just “iexpress.exe” (located in System32), which will create a x64 executable.