Upon installing Novell Client 2 SP1 IR3 I've had the annoying issue of it forgetting all the settings I had defined for it via NCIMAN which allows for an automated setup. I set out to find why my older SP1 client never had this trouble and why the newer client does and found a solution.

If you see 'LDAP Contextless Login is not enabled for' at your login screen, you and I are in the same problem. Whats odd is that, after manually selecting a tree, it will still lose all settings when contextless login is enabled.

The Solution:


It appears the registry entries for the login profile are non existant. These default values can be set at the following location in the windows registry:



Hope this helps!


  • This is a nice workaround EXCEPT when you are using multiple contexts and servers. Any fix for that?

  • @John – I don’t have such an environment so I can’t really think of a way to create that problem for myself to troubleshoot it. If you can get it working correctly prior to using NCIMAN I would compare the registry between the original (working) and deployed (problematic) at the HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Novell node onwards and check for any oddities. If you can’t get it working correctly to start off with, try rolling back a version and seeing if it fixes it, then redo a registry compare (between the two versions on the same computer). Hope this helps.

  • Hi,
    it looks like you are expert in Novell, currently i am having difficulty to login to my novel network using win 7. after i installed the novel client, i can see the login screen that you posted in you blog.
    however, i cannot see my server trees when i clicked the trees button.
    is it should be displayed the trees name on tree list ? or i have to type it correctly ?

    please help me, I appreciated any feedback from you . Thank you!

  • Hi, sorry I have no time to troubleshoot that issue. I would ensure that you are using one the latest versions of SP2 client. Otherwise you could always try bumping back down to SP1 IR9. Cheers.