Inspiron One 2305

Fresh install of Win7 on a Dell Inspiron 2305 and all the drivers Dell linked me to did NOT resolve all unknown drivers. The missing one:

Winbond IR Receiver (NTC5572D)
Here you go. (12.1mb)

Needed if you have a device in the device manager with Error Code: 28. Viewing the properties of it in the last tab and cycling through the dropdown you will find a string like this “ACPI\NTN0530\4&28EE259&0” with NTN0530 being the easiest thing to identify.

Hope this works.


  • Many thanks for posting – it was confusing me as to what the missing hardward item was.

  • hi.. thanks it worked 🙂

  • You saved me probably a week of heavy labor and I cannot express my gratitude. You don’t know me, but here’s the story.

    My computer started to go to blue screen and crash and I tracked down the source of the problem as an “Unknown Device” that lacked a driver. It had the ID: ACPI\NTC5572D. Dell’s technician assured me with great authority that the “Unknown Device” was a just an image, not a real device. It didn’t actually exist. Therefore, my windows 7 operating system was corrupted and I would need to reinstall my operating system and completely rebuild my computer … a prospect so dreadful that I couldn’t cope with it. Nor was I convinced that his explanation made sense. Because I trust my instincts a lot more than I trust Dell’s technical support staff, I kept hunting until I figured out that this device has a physical location on the PCI bridge .. and not only that, is part of a set of AMD components all having simiilar IDs. Once I saw that, I knew it was NOT some kind of “image,” but an actual device that had lost its driver somehow.

    I can’t BEGIN to tell you how glad I am that I did not take his advice.

    This “Unknown Device” was the IR receiver for my wireless Dell Inspiron One 2304 Touchscreen all in one computer. Without that component, it’s remarkable that the computer was working at all.

    I kept hunting until I you and downloaded g the appropriate driver from DELL.

    If it weren’t for the fact that I am incredibly persistent and you were kind enough to post this fix on this site, I would be well and truly screwed. I would have wound up having to completely reconfigure my system because of one missing driver that in fact is a Dell product.

    Thank you. Thank you so much. I’m an old technical writer, not a technician and while I understand a lot about how computers work and more, how applications work, I would never have figured this out on my own. You saved me, you really did.

  • You are very welcome. I don’t think that Dell tech knows anything about the meaning of that yellow ‘unknown device’ image in the device manager! I am surprised that it was bluescreening from a missing driver. Generally that doesn’t happen. Though with how these ‘all-in-one’ desktops are built I wouldn’t be surprised. Great job on poking around and finding out that NTC5572d identifier as well. I’d say you’d supply better advice than the Dell tech!

  • Please oh please help me get rid of the much hated-by me-0n screen keyboard forever! I type 120 wpm but not on the screen! I have a regular keyboard plugged in and have actually tried four different ones but I simply can’t use any of them as long as the on screen one is still here. I have taken the back off & I appear to have disconnected the on board touch one yet still can’t seem to use a real one. Yes I use them just fine with my other computers but if someone had not given me this Dell Inspiron All-In-One 2305 I’m sure I would have continued living totally oblivious & Would use XP Pro till maybe 8 if I like it!
    How does one change the setup, BIOS or much of anything with this bloody thing?!

    Thank you & yes it shows my other keyboard as installed & functional.
    This is a joke isn’t it?!

  • Hi Beccy,

    I don’t have this desktop in my possession anymore, but I wonder if this post is the same issue you are having:


  • Thank you, Mike, you saved me a lot of time on the phone with Dell tech support. I have had nothing but trouble with this Inspiron 2305. They assured me that reinstalling the operating system would solve all my problems. I decided to do a search myself for this ACPI\NTN0530 missing driver issue and came across your link. I am truly grateful. Quick simple easy fix that no Dell tech seems capable of handling.

  • Well I figured other people would have the same problem. I’m surprised Dell still hasn’t fixed this issue 🙂

  • Thanks very much ! The world need people like you !

  • The driver name is: .Winbond IR Receiver (NTC5572D)

  • Thanks very much

  • Please stop accusing dell techs you dumbs fcuks , dont even know how to turn a computer on . You sihts .

  • Awesome… may you live to be a 1,000 years old.

  • it worked – thank you

  • thanks alot this was the very solution… i was looking for…..

  • none

  • thanks