A quick one: Had some trouble finding where the Xerox Account settings were for the Mac Xerox WorkCentre Drivers. I added the printer, printed, and it appeared to have gone through. But alas, I was given the following error:

“Job Deleted – invalid accounting IDs or Job deleted – could not perform authentication”

Awesome, I assumed the account was to be set up in the printer settings, but I guess it doesn’t make sense as that would be a system wide setting whereas a system could have multiple users with different accounts. That said, when printing a document, drop down the default ‘Copies and Pages’ and select accounting.

Simple. Maybe its Friday getting to me.


  • Thank you!! I’m the only Mac in a large, several hundred employee office, and IT could not figure out how to make my computer print. I’m now printing effortlessly, thanks to your post.

  • Glad this helped! Enjoy your holidays!

  • For me it was under Xerox Features–>Advanced and yes I had to get to that when printing a document. Also I had to save those presets so it remembered to use account every time. Also, no, it doesn’t make any sense but its because of how OSX prints using CUPS. DRIVES ME CRAZY!

  • Unable to print with accounting on mac os.