HP CP2025dn. The one colour printer I actually don't mind so much.

After a client had pointed out that a “Replace Roller” notification had come up on a CP2025 printer I wondered which roller it was talking about. Did it need a new roller kit? Transfer roller? Hm. I headed on over to HP Support for this printer (here) and lo and behold, the error was not listed in the panel notifications list. Users often mess up error messages when reported, but knowing my client I knew something else was up.

Google links to a thread on HP’s old support forum, and you get greeted with a notification and not the actual content, or a simple link to the new content  (they ported everything over to new forums). After some frustrating digging around the clumsy interface the original thread is here.

Same issues with them, if restarted it will work again for a period of time. One of the users thinks its linked to the bottom tray becoming empty.

Possible Solution

Currently I’m going to try upgrading the Firmware. There was a new firmware released in Feb 2011, so there’s a good chance something like this was resolved. After all, if you are using the out of the box firmware, your likely stuck with something raggedy from 2008.

Here’s the latest firmware, goodluck!

7/30/2012 – Since the latest firmware was put in place in 2011, I have not had this issue happen!


  • hi mike i have the same problem with a 2025 that i installed 3 days ago, have you managed to solve the problem

    all the best

  • Hi Paul,

    After the firmware update it did go away. I hope the results are the same with you.

  • Hey having the same problem but I don’t know how to update that Firmware… i was looking for a place to buy a new roller online for it but i can’t seem to find it. As far as I know turning off and on doesn’t seem to work for me here. Additionally before the error came up tray 1 wouldn’t pull paper it’d get jammed, and would only pull from tray 2. <.< Not sure if you can give me an Email back of how you did the firmware update so that I may attempt it. It's just dead weight right now, and i'm looking for the roller online, but still no luck.

  • Hi Mathew,

    I don’t believe replacing rollers will do anything. I believe this is a bug solely with the firmware (why else would upgrading firmware resolve a perceived mechanical issue?)

    Anyhow, the firmware install directions are right on the HP download site if you click the firmware link (not going straight to the download link. Here they are for convenience:

    Installation Instructions:

    Download the file to the desktop.
    Turn the printer off and then back on to clear main printer memory. Wait for the printer to return to a Ready state before proceeding.
    Double click on the firmware update utility file. A window “HP Color LaserJet Firmware Update” will open.
    In the window adjacent to the “select printer to update” use the drop down arrow to select the “HP Color Laser Jet CP2020 series” driver. If you have previously assigned a different name to the HP Color Laser CP2020 series driver, choose the name that represents the correct printer.
    Click on the “Send Firmware” button in the “HP Color LaserJet Firmware Update” dialog window.
    The progress bar will begin to move to the right indicating information being transferred.
    Do Not power cycle the printer or the PC during this process or the printer may become unstable and/or unusable without further attention from HP. The firmware update can take up to 5 minutes to complete. Please be patient.
    During the printer firmware update, the liquid crystal display (LCD) messages on the printer’s control panel will display “Printing Document…”, after a short while, the LCD display will change to “Erasing…” and then “Programming…” Next the LCD will display “Complete:” and then “Hewlett-Packard” and will return to a “Ready” state.
    On the PC, a smiling face will appear in the “HP Color LaserJet CP2020 Firmware Update” dialog window at the conclusion of the successful firmware download.
    If it is desired to verify the update, a configuration page can be printed from the the printer’s Reports menu. The firmware datecode appears under the “Product Information” heading.

  • My CP2025 is having the same problem as Matthew- it’s just getting jammed, so I figured I needed new rollers. It’s just having a hard time picking up the paper then says jam. Half the time there is no jam.
    So I just finished the firmware update got the smiley face- went to print config. and it got jammed again! I love this printer but I am not getting any work done today & it’s driving me crazy! Help……

  • PS- my printer never said replace roller, I just was guessing that was the problem why it is constanly jammimg.

  • Most likely not!

    Unfortunately I never worked out too many jams on this kind of printer. Best bet is to decode the Jam error # it gives you to see what sensor is jamming it. Look real hard as sometimes even small pieces of paper can cause problems real easily.

  • Can you tell me how to decode the jam error? I looked for small paper as best I could, didn’t see any, but it could be the problem. is it usually worth while to get a printer fixed or should I just go out and buy an new one? Two days with no printing and hours of wasted time is killing me.

  • Hi Theresa,

    Sorry I can’t help with this issue, jams can often be quite complex if one of the sensors has failed. Hard to say if it is worth repair or not. These units are still worth $250-300. Best bet is to try getting a quote on the labour and go from there.

    Best of luck

  • This fixed my “replace roller” issue! Thank you!
    By the way, I did not follow your instructions to turn printer off and back on the first time I tried this, and the updating firmware did not work (got a “broken pipe” message). Followed your instructions and it worked easily.
    Thanks for saving me time and money!

  • I am getting a message that reads “turn the rollers over”. Any idea what this means or what to do in this case?