Maple 14

Recently, I installed Maple 14 using an automated script and I was surprised to see that, a script that had always worked, seemed problematic this time.

The user had said that it started up just fine, but any time a calculation was run, it would pop up an error “Waiting for Kernel Connection“. I checked Maple’s support guidelines for such an error, they suggested the Firewall settings should be checked. I use a single user license, not network, but I gave it a shot to no avail.

I noticed that when the user opened the toolbars that it would lock up. I went there to go see the Help->About to see what it thought about its license state. Must of not been licensed, which is odd as my script does this. Anyway, I went to the start menu and found the Maple License Wizard, and re-ran it, everything runs beautifully.

A simple one, but a solution worth noting.

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