HP must not like their webspace being cluttered up with their LaserJet Toolbox software. It’s impossible to find! I noticed the frustration among forums from people about this. I work with a bunch of HP printers so I thought I can help out by uploading the 2400 series toolbox.

Download 2400 Series ToolBox 59.0 mb

Note: Due to missing files to keep installation size down, the ONLY files included are for the toolbox. This package does NOT contain the driver or manual and the other features aside from the toolbox. To install, run hpsetup.exe and select only the toolbox from the feature selection. The printer will have to be added with the HP drivers from their website. Make note that the printer has to exist in your printers list before it shows up in the toolbox web menu. During the installation click ignore for any files missing (it will complain about the missing manual and web registration).

The default install refuses to work with Windows 7, so make sure you have an XP desktop to use this with.


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