Windows Decompression Tool

This is a quick utility I whipped up in AutoIt for scanning a hard drive for compressed files. Basically this was originally planned to be used to check how many files were compressed during a Windows Disk Cleanup operation to see how much was affected.

There is also a quick decompress option which runs the Compact command on the files detected as compressed (all of them, they can’t be selected). This tool was never tested in the field so use at your own risk. I can’t see much use for this but I figure I might as well for anyone needing this odd requirement.

Do note that running the windows native Compact command (in Win 7) to recurse through sub-folders will NOT work because of ‘Junction’ folders which can cause an infinite loop. There is code here to fix that. However I believe if you use the Windows interface to decompress all folders within folders it should handle this no problem. Thus, the only feature this really adds is the feature to list all files.

Download AutoIt code
Download Executable


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