I will keep this post short as it likely will cater to a select few. Anyone that runs Parallels in Coherence Mode will encounter a grey, unmovable box on the Mac desktop. This is purely related to ZCM.

Specifically ZenNotifyIcon.exe

Quick workaround: I have just renamed the file with a .bak extension. I can’t find any detailed info on what exactly this exe does (aside from the vague obviousness). It didn’t seem to complain about this file missing, and ZCM appears to work still. I suppose I’ll leave it at that!


  • Where are you finding the ZenNotifyIcon.exe file? I’m new to Macs and have been searching through my c: drive in the VM and also on the Mac. Can you help please? I’d appreciate it. I know the grey box is really harmless, but I didn’t buy a mac to have clutter.:)


  • Not at a desktop right now but from a quick google it looks like the following, and it does ring a bell.