After working with MDT 2010 for awhile and having a standardized approach to how I name my application folders, I was a bit ticked at some of the older application folders which didn’t follow my convention. Not a big annoyance but, one that can be fixed rather quickly. I’m sure I’m not the first in this situation.

The ONLY place that I checked that MDT actually links up Applications to the install Folder is in one of the Control XML Files. Specifically Control\Applications.xml. The XML file basically has all your listings like the following:

Lets use the current release of Java that I have in MDT has an example:

<application guid="{fd95062b-9d25-4a15-90c1-4d11086863e3}" hide="False" enable="True">
<Name>Sun Java 6u29</Name>
<Comments>Installs both x32 and x64 bit (if applicable)</Comments>
<CreatedTime>10/31/2011 6:01:25 PM</CreatedTime>
<LastModifiedTime>10/31/2011 6:03:56 PM</LastModifiedTime>
<Source>.\Applications\Sun Java 6u29</Source>
<CommandLine>Java 6u29 INSTALL.exe</CommandLine>
<WorkingDirectory>.\Applications\Sun Java 6u29</WorkingDirectory>

We can see the following:

  • Source is the location of where my AutoIt (Java 6u29 INSTALL.exe) install takes place. This will have to be modified to the new location.
  • WorkingDirectory, in most cases, will also have to be set to your new location.

Simply adjust those values and rename the Application folder. For added safety I would adjust this while MDT Toolbox is closed.


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