One thing with the Zenworks Configuration Management is that it requires a trick to install if you are working with a virtual machine such as Windows XP Mode or are working through RDP. The client will always freeze at 97%. This is because it is failing to install the VNC video driver because it expects you to be in the console session, not a remote session.

The ONLY fix as far as I know: Install the ‘mirage’ driver separately. This can be obtained here. You will need to uninstall the client after forcefully closing the existing install that hung (through process manager/log off/restart/etc) as it is incomplete. Then install the package provided at the link above. This CAN be done through RDP/Xp Mode though it will generate an error.

I thought I was going to be stuck after seeing the dfMirage error that comes up during the install. Fortunately, it did show up as installed, and I promptly tried the ZCM agent which had no issue!

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