Win 7 Shared Setup 1.01




Enter in the credentials that will be used to log into the windows workstation account, this account does NOT need to exist as the tool is capable of setting up a new account (as administrator only). Note that the password is stored in plain text in the registry. Adjust the check boxes to your liking. They should be fairly straightforward. GroupWise shortcuts will only be updated if found in their default installation locations. ‘User cant change password’ modifies the local account to have the password locked.


Simply click remove on the right side, it will undo the registry changes. Please note that any accounts with locked passwords are not unlocked.


There is a slightly better way of storing the password I would assume in most cases it can be attained rather easily. Perhaps in the future I will implement it for those that are as strict as possible about security.


Windows 7. Those brave enough to try this with Vista may need Microsoft .NET Framework 3.5.


Windows 7 Shared Setup 1.1 – (Download 73kb – Feb 29 2012)

NOTICE: This tool has not been working perfectly. Windows likes to store the user/id in a ‘semi’-protected area which this tool does somewhat differently. I recommend testing any accounts set up with this tool. Renaming of the desktop also appears to reset the login functionality.


  • I just upgraded form xp to to windows 7. With xp and novell i used an autolog.exe program to automaticly login to novell from boot up. That program does not work with windows 7. Can this program accompolish that and if so what are the proper settings. Thanks.

  • Hi,

    Currently this program isn’t working as well. Windows likes to delete some values after it is restarted. I believe I know the fix but I have so many things to do lately! This is on the back-burner for the time being. Sorry!


  • I’ll keep checking. Thanks

  • This .exe seems to be working fine for me.

    I have WIN7ENT with Novell Client 2 SP3 IR1 and 150 different users that can log into the edirectory and this little ditty does the auto logon into Windows just as I want.

    Nice tool!

  • Mike,

    Thanks for this tool. I’d like to use it for Windows 7 x64 w/latest Novell Client in a kiosk PC/Autologin configuration. The eDirectory login is exactly the same as the Windows login. I find after applying this tool’s configuration (All green text on right) that the Windows user logs in fine, but the desktop is waiting for a Novell login before proceeding. Is this expected behavior?