A problem occurred with a client of mine. An odd, frustrating large prompt every time she typed in an email address. I had to dig around for awhile before I found out how to disable this functionality.

The Secret: Right click the To: field entry box. Uncheck Search Mode.

Not a place I would normally expect a menu option such as this. Which makes this kind of problem a nuisance. Hope this  helps others! Considering this is bound to a couple common keys (ctrl + enter) I can see why this would happen every now and then in a GroupWise environment.


  • Great tip!

  • Thanks! I didn’t know how I did it or how to stop it; this explained BOTH. 🙂

  • Thank you for that tip! I routinely send mass emails to different departments and it had become a huge burden with having to select each email. Thank you!!

  • Welcome everybody, thanks for letting me know this has had some impact!

  • This just started happening last week. Must have press ctrl enter at some stage. Thanks very much for your tip to fix it!

  • Really not an obvious place for the option! Thank you for the solution!

  • This happened to my boss this morning. I went straight to the web for a fix and found your solution. Thanks for posting.

  • Thank you! I had learnt to live with this as I couldn’t find the solution myself.

  • FYI – your tip is still helping people. This had been happening to me for about a month and it’s so annoying, but I couldn’t figure out what keywords to use to google it until today. Now my sanity is saved. 🙂 Thanks!

  • Thanks 🙂 Good to know that the old content is still kicking!

  • Thanks for the tip! Helped me out in the office just now!

  • Thanks for this little tidbit! A coworker was pulling his hair out and none of us could figure out how he inadvertently set that option.

  • Awesome find! Thank you for posting! Co-worker was having this issue!

  • My email client seems to default to search mode on every new email. Does anyone know where to set the default? Its annoying to have to disable on every email, thanks for the help!

  • Thanks for the tip….Fixed the problem

  • Your tip is still helping! Just found it today, and it ended an ongoing annoyance. Thank you!

  • Just what I needed – fast and easy fix