Thanks to Bas helping a person in need at I was able to quickly adapt his autoit script to work for Windows XP to help out with client needing a quick way to change the audio playback device without having to drudge through the start menu then control panel, then sound settings, etc etc etc…

Download Script /w Source: toggle-audio (12/14/2012 282KB) XP ONLY
*Look into link at top for Windows 7 download


  1. Extract files to a folder that the user has privileges to.
  2. Open Conf.ini and adjust # of devices to how many that you have, add ‘device#=#’ as needed to make up for more devices, save.
  3. Run exe – The device should now have been rotated to the next available one.

No promises on having this work solidly, as it is basically just a fancy macro.

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