I was recently presented with SPSS installation files bundled as part of an EXE. Naturally I generally fire up the very useful tool ‘Universal Extractor‘ which deals with splitting EXE files open. However, the SPSS EXE is not the typical installer shield program it appears to have been.

Furthermore, the advice (for the exact issue I am having here) provided by IBM doesn’t cut it either. They suggest using the /b switch (which my Universal Extractor had already tried) which ended in failure.

I gave up with trying to do it the ‘right’ way…

  1. Run SPSS_Statistics_20_win32_.exe or SPSS_Statistics_20_win64_.exe and let it load to the first installation screen.
  2. Press Windows Key + R to open the run prompt.
  3. Type %temp% and hit Enter
  4. Sort folders by date modified, and look for the latest folders that look like a GUID (e.g. 2C592113-EDC8-455A-A7EF-E9C75621B480)
  5. Open them up until you find one with the SPSS MSI – This is the installation data you need.

Helpful Links:

Hardware Key.pdf
IBM SPSS Data Access Pack for Salesforce.com Installation Instructions.pdf
IBM SPSS Data Access Pack Installation Instructions.pdf
Network License Administrators Guide.pdf
Network License Installation Instructions.pdf
Network License Installation Instructions (Abbreviated).pdf
Single User License Installation Instructions.pdf
Site License Administrators Guide.pdf
Site License Installation Instructions.pdf
Site License Installation Instructions (Abbreviated).pdf

Don’t forget your SPSS Fix Packs

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