I recently had a client who could no longer enter in a time with the yellow clock button which helps set a time with a handy slider. I had tried a complete reinstall after running GroupWise Clean It 3.5 with no result as well.

It turns out that a recently installed screen reader is to blame. Zoomtext was installed causing this issue. After digging to see if I could find out why I did stumble upon something interesting; The only bit of strong evidence came from a single post by a Novell MVP:


Do you have a ‘Screen Reader’ installed? Something like JAWS from Freedom

We disable access to those controls if we detect screen reader software.
We do this because the dialog/control that pops up
is not very ‘screen reader’ friendly.

Let me know…

Dean Lythgoe
GroupWise Engineering”

This issue occurred on GroupWise 8, and I would assume 7/6 as well as I have heard issues of complaints of this problem on both.

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