Maple 16 Installer

I’ve heard very little of this issue yet I feel like it affects me every time I run Maple 16 installations. During an install, all will go fine until the installation reaches .TFF extension files. At this point, the installation will seemingly halt, or proceed very slowly.

Something I noticed was that the more I used the desktop during the install, the faster the installation would go.

It would appear that movement from the mouse helps push along the installation at the end. I can literally stop moving the cursor, see the installation halt, then circle the cursor and watch the TTF names move along normally. Weird.

This is happening with no mouse related software installed (such as Microsoft Intellipoint software) and with Windows 7 x64 systems. I haven’t performed installs on Windows XP.


  • Most likely it is caused by some or any Logitech programs running in the background.
    Use CTRL+ALT+DEL to open Task Manager and check if any Logitech related process is loaded, and terminate them. After installation, you can start them again.

    Suggestion was found on
    After having the same issue with a hanging installation, I gave it a try; the installation was complete in the blink of an eye!

    Apparently Maplesoft wasn’t aware that this issue could also happen with certain applications other than Chrome.

  • I had noticed that link as well but unfortunately there was no Chrome or any mouse application installed (this was with a barebones Dell image). I will check further into this next time by killing off background processes to see if any have an effect.

    Thanks for the advice!