Recently, working with some driver injections to a MDT 2010 PE disk led me to a failure to boot. I had added LAN, Mass Storage, and Chipset drivers (likely unnecessary on those last ones but, I felt the vibe for it).

Booting up I was greeted with:

Windows failed to start, missing ifp63x64.sys
Or some jazz.

I personally use DriverPacks.Net which bundle everything up nice and neatly. It appears that there are Windows 8 Drivers packaged with the drivers listed for Vista/7. Now, its unclear on whether or not I was only supposed to use the Windows 7 folder for drivers (they have others such as ‘All’, ‘Vista’) which for all I know, may still work with Windows 7.

Anyway, long story short. You’ll have dig the offending driver Windows claims to be breaking its start-up. With MDT, it breaks down drivers into bundles, so even though ifp63x64.inf was in its own directory, it can be shared with other models that DO work.

In MDT you will have to search through the ‘\Out-of-Box Drivers’ directory. For anyone using other packs, just try doing a file search on whatever format you have. They may be hidden in CAB files or others, but I believe Windows is smart enough to search through those as well.

If you look into the \control folder in MDT’s deployment directory you can see the driver breakdown in Drivers.xml. This is a big, ugly file, but what I did was just copy the whole thing in notepad, and head over to XML Pretty Printer. Makes it readable. Searched for the ifp* driver and it lists out the actual names you see in the MDT interface. You can remove the driver there manually, rebuild, and try again.

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