A frequent issue with updates to code post deployment is handling updates to files across many sites. Below is code I devised to recurse all sites and update _catalogs folder on each root web.

Adjust according to your needs!

$webAppUrl = "http://mysharepoint.com:42388"

$SPWebApp = Get-SPWebApplication $webAppUrl

foreach ($SPSite in $SPWebApp.Sites)
    if ($SPSite -ne $null)
        $web = $SPSite.RootWeb
        $folder = $web.GetFolder("_catalogs/masterPage/Display Templates/Content Web Parts")

        #get files to upload
        $files = Get-ChildItem -Path "$PSScriptRoot/Updates" -Force -Recurse

        foreach($file in $files){
            $stream = $file.OpenRead()
            $uploaded = $folder.Files.Add($file.Name, $stream, $true);

            Write-Host $uploaded.Name  "Uploaded into the Site" -BackgroundColor Green  

            if ($stream) {$stream.Dispose()}



Hope this helps anyone in the same bind

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